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Fumiko no Ashi is a short live action adaptation of a short novel written by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, an iconic novelist of modern Japanese literature… and the OG of foot fetishism in said country (also, maybe for netorare too because of Kagi, but that’s another bowl to eat from). Tanizaki’s fixation for the female feet is very implicit across many of his works, like in “The Tattooer” (his breakout as an renowned author), the main character called Seikichi, had a foot fetish (and a penchant to inflict pain to their clients with needles xD ). Is with Fumiko’s Legs where this is openly treated.

The brief film features an angel… I mean, Rosa Kato, an angel *o* A beautiful creature with the prettiest face and divine feet (I’m sure the casting director asked for pictures of feet from various actresses, and he chose well) playing the role of a mistress for this old man who is enamored with her feet (who wouldn’t). Then, we have this young man who is there to act on behalf of all of us footy lovers for the reason that he’s does exactly what any of us would do, stare at her beautiful feet like idiots at any chance possible. I assure you’ll relate to him hard!

He has his own story, a motive for why he loves feet. This is presented in flashbacks sequences of him as a little kid lying on a sea shore looking at the feet of a unknown woman, then resting his head on her feet in a sweet way (it probably could be his mother, this is never explained). He feels safe with having feet close to him, this is why he’s so attached to look at them, to adore, to worship them.

Rosa Kato’s character suffers a substantial change from being quite startled about the old man peculiar requests focusing on her legs/feet (like portraits where she’d pose with her legs widely centered), to a strangely amusing sense of domination, of empowerment. A smile is drawn on her face when she finds out what feet can do to men. I don’t want to spoil the end, but this is a gorgeous depiction of what foot fetishism is. A genuine, sensual bittersweet story.

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I shouldn’t put that many gifs in a single post or else tumblr will bug the hell out xDD But I can’t resist making them since there’s many good moments in Fumiko no Ashi that are giffable, hehe! Anyway, next is the episode itself.

In a related note: I love the smirk Rosa does in the 3rd gif. She just discovered the empowerment that feet can do for her and she likes it. ^^

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C86 Cosplay Ashi Selection (POST FINAL)

No Shinobu cosplay, no Comiket. It never fails to see at least someone going as the cute little barefooted donut lover in this type of events, better yet, it seems that she went to Comiket in a pair of zoris (oh gosh, I’d loved to see her with them on, but she’s being faithful to her cosplay).

Well, this is the last post of footy selections from C86. Now let me show the back side of Nyaruko, erhm… the back exit door, I meant. xD

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C86 Cosplay Ashi Selection (POST 05)

OMG! That Nyaruko cosplay is megami-like!! Sexy girl, sexy body showing a nice firm round derriere, and better than yet, sexy feet )those wrinkles on the side of her foot are delicious) in flip flops. The original sketch this chick is basing her cosplay has Nayruko barefooted, but I actually like her choice to go with beach sandals. Japanese girls and flip flops, like milk and coffee, go so well together and one can even say that they taste better in both cases. :3

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C86 Cosplay Ashi Selection (POST 04)

The girl posing in the first 5 pictures, that’s the best cosplay of this comiket. :3 Barelegged babe with a disinterested look. It’s like if a office lady was tired after a long day of work and got rid of the skirt and shoes to sit and watch the others in the event. Casually giving a teasing eye just to merge with the mood of the place. 

I love the natural look of her feet, already showing bits of dust enough to make them somehow even more sexier.

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C86 Cosplay Ashi Selection (POST 03)

More Nozomis (Nozomi is love, Nozomi is life! Hugs for everyone!! ), actually, it’s the same chick whose bikini let’s the “hair” flow gently with the soft breeze of the summer day, :3 Also, we never saw Tsukihu flashing her pantsu in the series, guy love it, tho. And the last picture is hilarious because fuck the head! We are here for the hot body only xDD

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C86 Cosplay Ashi Selection (POST 02)

Love the girls cosplaying as the muse members from Love Live in their Natsuiro Egao 1-2 Jump single cover tropical outfits. The highlighted Nozomi (the 4th picture in this post) is super wild! We can see some bushy business down there, hehe!

Comiket cosplaying wouldn’t be the same without a cute girl doin’ the platinum disco Tsukihi ^^ And that Poison, wow. I hope she’s cosplaying it faithfully.. you know… the newhalf way. :3

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C86 Cosplay Ashi Selection (POST 01)

Yeah, there’s no comparison: Summer Comiket is better than the Winter one when it comes to sexy cosplaying. The hot days of the season give a reason for the ladies to attend wearing revealing outfits that leave very little to the imagination, showing skin and then more. :3 They love the attention and people with cameras on hand creepily trying to reach for the perfect low angle view, will do their best to give it to them (that last bit sounded ecchi xDD ).

Lots of Nozomis, much love for Nozomi indeed (my favorite muse), Also, While not feet related at all, I included the picture of the girl goin’ as Zero from Drakengard 3 in her outfit as Kaine. The girl, the character and the game, all those thing I love!!

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Anonymous asked: any foot tickling vided with J idols? or g/g foot worship that involve tickling too? Thanks :)

First thing that comes to mind is that IV (idol video) of Aya Kiguchi (must say that this girl has gorgeous peds) where they tickle her soles with paint brushes. its’ called あやんちゅ. Also, she confessed being ticklish in one program and then in this another comedy show she performed in a sketch where this guy tried to tickle her feet while she was sleeping.

I think I have the IV somewhere in one of my older backup hard drives. Let me see if I can find it.