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Wonder why Anri Sugihara is my favorite Japanese gravure ever? Well, I invite you to watch this and find it by yourself. The whole deal, the body (i.e, her incredible boobage, top rank amongst other equally busty J-idols), her charming looks, and of course, her gorgeous feet with mile-long toes :3 I’m not that much into long tootsies but when it comes to Anri’s I cannot stop ogling at them to the point that you could say it’s one corner to being an obsession.

This video aside from displaying how sexy this woman is (so hot I bet she sees herself in the mirror and gets turned on a lot by her own image), features lotsa of feet content. It consist of two different scenes; first when she’s applying sun screen to moist her skin (hard to point out a “best” moment, albeit I can recommend from 1:15 and so on, for a great view of her oshiri and heel/soles showing delicious wrinkles), but the best happens in the 2nd scene (in the bedroom), here you will enjoy an incredible, gorgeous shot of her soles right up in your face (3:12… can’t get any close than that), and her toes.. Good GOD!, they look so pretty and tempting, like begging for someone to worship them. This is one of the greatest footy close ups ever, and I’ve seen a lot of ‘em. Anri Sugihara is damn perfect from head to toe