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Japan never ceases to amaze me with their not-so secret agenda (they just don’t care that much to keep it under veils anymore) of showing how much they love feet. Who can blame them when their females have the prettiest feet in the world (well, this ain’t kawaii feet idol for no reason :3 ). Along with being a paradise for footy lovers, the home of the Rising Sun is well know for the wacky TV programs, too. The excerpt I’m posting here comes from a televised competition called “Idol no Ana”, where a healthy bunch of cute idols (mostly of the gravure kind, a.k.a. bikini gals) will demonstrate their talents under test courses which usually are… very suggestive.

Of the many situations the girls have to endure for the chance of winning a spot as a image idol, while cameras around them capture all the fanservice (pantsus, flashes, or highly erotic innuendos like when the girls have to lick something) as possible for the sake of entertainment, the obstacle of putting stockings to a mannequin’s leg only using their feet, was the one that grabbed my attention. The first four idols do this with socks on, but the last two girls go full bare feet for their attempt, and it is amazing!!

Kinda gives an impression on who may have done kinky stuff with their footsies before :3 Look how splendid Mayuka Kuroda’s (watch it at 2:18) technique is, how gracefully she slides the hose with her toes. Yeah, no doubt this girl owns a pair of talented feet (probably she gained her skills in the arts of feet pleasuring). Both barefooted babes have top notch peds, so I might be in the mood to post a few pictures of them later. Meanwhile, enjoy this.

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You think I had forgotten about the twice a year traditional selection of cute cosplayers from the Comiket event whose pretty feet can be appreciated? Well, I did xDD Well, sorta. It was more like the lack of photos actually showing feet on them that made me hesitant to do a post. It is obvious that if I want footy pics, I should grab my camera and snap those myself… but Japan is a far away place from my home, so relying in what our otaku fellas assisting to this mecca celebration of independent manga stuff can take, is my only source.

Prolly the cold weather this time forced the cosplaying ladies to tuck their feet into any kind of closed footwear, but there were girls adventurous enough to go around barefooted for the sake of their role play passion, like the pretty chick of the first 3 photos, flashing a sukumizu. *_* What I did notice was the notable presence of Kantai Collection cosplayers. I’m calling it now, the anime for Kancolle it’s going to be the most hyped thing (along the Sailor Moon reboot) of this year.